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Taken Characters
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Vampires and Ghouls at a Glance
Quick FAQs

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In Game FAQ

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Clans and Bloodlines
All vampires belong to one of five clans. A clan is a vampiric lineage, inherited from sire to childe. This passes along strengths, such as a higher aptitude for certain disciplines(abilities). It also passes along a weakness, such as a greater vulnerability to fire than a vampire from another clan. A clan could be considered an extended family due to the blood relations involved.. but, like any family, not all of the members get along. Being in a clan does not guarantee allies or enemies, as there is no telling if a vampire will celebrate or oppose their general clan's precepts or goals.

Vampires tend to Embrace those who are similar to themselves, or at least those that embody certain ideals or principles. Thus, the clan archetypes are well established. It is dangerous to blindly stereotype a clan, though, as dismissing a vampire as simply "seductive", "creepy", or "power hungry" could bring on poor consequences indeed.

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Bloodlines are distinct variations, or mutations, of the five clans. For reasons not completely understood, at some point, certain vampires have been affect, or have been affected by, a mystical change in their blood. This changes their essence, and takes them a step away from their parent Clan. No one is sure how a Bloodline founder originally changed his or her blood, or if he or she even wanted to, but the end result is the same - a new way is granted to explore and experience the night. Sometimes this change is an isolated event, but when the change can be passed along, a new Bloodline is created.

A vampire who is Embraced by a Bloodline member does not automatically join his sire's bloodline. Instead, he is by default a part of his sire's parent clan. He could choose to join his sire's bloodline if he wished, and a more natural and less restrictive transformation would take place. Alternatively, he could eventually seek out an Avus to join another if he wished, or choose none and happily remain in his parent clan. It must be noted that a vampire cannot join a bloodline that is not related to his clan.

Bloodlines, like clans, pass along strengths and weaknesses to their members. These strengths and weaknesses do not replace those of the parent clan, but instead are added to them. Some bloodlines come with a good deal of social stigma as well, and are hidden from Kindred society at large. Listed below are the pre-approved bloodlines for the game.

Bloodlines are for "Advanced Players" only. If you feel a Bloodline would enrich your character, then proceed! If it just makes you confused, then IGNORE THEM. Most Kindred only know about a scant few bloodlines, if they know about them at all. A ghoul probably doesn't know about them at all. It is not necessary that you or your character know the information listed below.

Daeva Bloodlines
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Gangrel Bloodlines

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Mekhet Bloodlines

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Nosferatu Bloodlines

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Ventrue Bloodlines

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Ghouls: Enslaved by the Blood
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How Vampires Work
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